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Wordmark Systems is a small private company devoted to creating interesting software and software like intellectual property (IP). Charles Marslett and his wife Cindy established Wordmark Systems in 1982. Since then Wordmark has implemented firmware and software for Atari and x86 computers. Some of this software has become "abandonware" -- software no longer actively marketed -- and as the copyright owner, Wordmark, has made it available on this web site without any commitment of support. We also have a few other links you might find useful.

Well, what is on this web site?

Charles' Resume (what else?)
16b20b Encoding (a very simple, useful method of encoding data for serial or balanced parallel connections)
Sample source code (How do I use the x86 XMM/SSE instructions, for example)
MyDOS and utilities (a screen oriented DOS and utilities for 8-bit Atari computers)

Thought Provoking Links (some might provoke a thought or two)
Other Links (Look here and you'll notice they are all over the map!)
Gentoo reminders (Here I keep stuff I might want to look at when I'm not at my desk!)
UEFI BIOS information for Gentoo folk
Port Forwarding through dd-wrt router firmware (Fix I needed when I bought a WNDR3700 router)

What I am interested in, lately:


SwervePictures: Independent Films with Verve! Soon to have Mars DVDs for sale
The Austin(TX) Film Society Web Site
The Olympia(WA) Film Society Web Site


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